About Marisa Secco

In December 1999, I had a seizure out of the blue. I was 41, a decorator back then, a wife and mother of three wonderful boys. I fell asleep on the lounge watching TV late at night and when I woke up, I felt a tingling feeling the left side of my body, arm, hand, and fingers.
As I was massaging that area so it would go away, I began to feel a tingling sensation creep up the left side of my back. Once it got to my neck it became hot and kept creeping up, over my head and down the left side of my face, then neck.
It became cooler once it past my neck and travelled down my left side. I knew then this was not normal pins and needles and so I thought I better go to bed and if I still had it in the morning, I would enquire with the doctor about it. I went to slip my slippers on and soon found out that I could with my right foot and not my left. I had no control of that foot, so I had to put my left foot over my right knee and put the slipper on manually.
I stood up to walk and found myself limping instead which was something else I didn’t expect. I had to walk slowly and carefully so I wouldn’t twist my left ankle. I headed for the stairs and found the only way up was to pull myself up using both hands on the railing. When I arrived in my bedroom, my husband was asleep in bed, and I went to wake him to tell him what I had and that he should probably bring me to the hospital, but he was so sleepy he just said I should go to bed, and it will probably be gone by the morning.
I retrieved the elastic ankle support from my bathroom cabinet and sat on the side of my bed to put it on my left foot because I felt it needed the support.
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