Are you tired, stressed, or having trouble concentrating on your work?
Are you sleeping peacefully?
Do you have cancer or other debilitating chronic diseases?
Do you have aches, pains and/or poor circulation?
If so, I can help by channelling divine energies which can bring your body back to balance.

These days even with modern medicine, more and more people seem to be suffering from a host of chronic diseases, depression, stress, and anxiety, just to name a few. You would expect that we should be all living healthier lives by now, but that’s not the case. Be it from stress in our fast-paced lives; contamination from parasites, bacteria, viruses, toxins, or radiation from our environment; genetic factors or even a constant barraging of negative thoughts and beliefs, which can have an immense impact on the state of our health, these are all causes for dis-ease.

Some people’s health may not improve with the usual treatments, or they may not have a strong constitution to cope with some of the harsh treatments. This is where I can be of assistance.

In sessions with my clients, the healing is performed with ease and grace using divine intervention. Working on the physical body as well as the etheric light body which holds the information and carries it via the chakras and meridians to every single cell of the body.

Working together with the mind, body, and spirit, we progressively make changes for the better and bring the body back to a state of balance and higher frequency where it can carry on and heal itself.

At The Vibrational Healing Centre, I create a safe, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere for my clients. Initially, after the rundown of my client’s history, I evaluate the status of my client’s vitality level, chakras, meridians, and auric field. A customised treatment plan is then set up for each client.

Energetic Healing

Energetic Healing is used to unblock meridians in areas of discomfort or pain and cleanse the auric field of negative energy.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is used to balance the chakras.

Vibrational Essences

Vibrational Essences would be specifically made up to support the client emotionally between sessions when taken.

Forensic Healing

Forensic Healing uses the biofeedback system used in kinesiology to detect the state of the physical, emotional, and spiritual body and mind as well as the necessary healing techniques to use during the session.

Theta Healing

Theta Healing would be implemented to remove any negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs held in the body’s cells or light body that do not serve the client anymore and is replaced with positive ones.

Specific Meditations

Specific Meditations would be given to help the client to clear the underlying emotional and mental blocks which may have caused the body to be out of balance in the first place.