Energy Healing

Energetic Healing focuses on the Subtle Anatomy such as the Chakras, Meridians, and Auric field around the body as well as the emotions, the mind and physical body.

Energy from God our creator and divine source is flowing through all of us. This divine energy penetrates all the layers of our auric field via our chakras and into our body from the crown of our head down the spine and out the bottom of our feet to connect and ground us to Mother Earth. It is a continuous stream of light energy flowing from top to bottom and all around and through us to every organ and every single cell of our body. It is the frequency and vibration of this divine light energy that keeps our body systems functioning properly.

At different stages of our life, we may experience trauma, shock, depression, anxiety, loss, shame, humiliation, bullying, fear, anger, resentment, cancer, divorce, molestation, an accident, or operation, be exposed to toxins and negative Ley Lines just to name a few. All of these can impact on the flow of energy through our body and cause energy blocks and so the body functions are not running at 100%. Where the energy is backed up before the blockage it will be overactive and after the blockage it will be under active. Like a kink in a garden hose. As the energy slowly gets depleted our vitality level drops as well. As a result, we may develop illnesses, aches and pains, insomnia, experience reduced mental acuity and balance and also can affect our senses. The idea is to balance the energy in the affected area so the energy will flow freely again.

During Energetic Healing, I mainly work with the chakras, meridians, and the auric field. I detect the areas losing vitality by “tuning” into my client, and using my pendulum with the right intention, I receive the information required to sense where the energy blocks are. I then channel the energy from the divine source out of my hands to my client at the frequency and vibration determined by divine source. I continue to do this till the body is brought back to balance. All the while as I do this, I ask my client for confirmation when there is an improvement.

Depending on the client’s situation, I may incorporate, meditation, crystal healing, Forensic Healing, Theta Healing, or colour therapy in the session or following sessions.

It is a most satisfying feeling for me to see my clients leaving in a better state than when they came. They always leave feeling more relaxed and with less or no pain. A feeling of increased vitality and wellbeing is noticed in the ensuing days since the healing continues even after they have left.