Forensic Healing

Forensic Healing was founded by Marisa Russo in Victoria, Australia. It is Kinesiology based, following a protocol of scan lists which, with the biofeedback from the clients arm certain information is revealed from the client’s subconscious, such as what negative feelings, negative beliefs and negative emotions can hold the client back from experiencing their full potential.

On the Energetic level, the Forensic Healing biofeedback system can detect which chakras need balancing, which meridians are blocked and which areas in the auric field need to be cleared. Once the healings have been done the client may feel an increase in energy and vitality as well as reduced aches and pains.

On the Emotional level, the Forensic Healing biofeedback system can check for shock, emotional trauma, fear and phobias, issues with loss and letting go, issues with self-love, soul reconnection, sacrifice habits, self-sabotage, negative beliefs and feelings, childhood issues, as well as relationship issues.

On the Spiritual level,the Forensic Healing biofeedback system can check for negative energy attachments, karmic contracts, karmic curses. It includes past life regression, reconnection healing, lost souls release, environment cleanse and grace healing

Really profound and permanent healing can be achieved with about 5 sessions. Sessions may take 1-2 hours depending on how much needs to be addressed.