“I have had Forensic Healing with Marisa a few times for different stages in my life. Marisa’s healing room is a very sacred and peaceful space and her warm and gentle nature makes it very easy to relax into the process.
I don’t need to give a backstop to Marisa as my body’s responses to the modality of Forensic Healing speak for itself. Marisa takes her time to go through the questions that will give a clear picture of the deep down issues below my subconscious that I cannot work out with the logical mind. I have each time been blown away by what comes up and with Marisa guiding the session in her gentle and unrushed manner we clear blockages that are held in the spiritual body and healing takes place. I have found this process to be a life changing modality.
Along with the Forensic Healing I get Marisa to make up Bach Flower remedies for me. They are made up intuitively and are always spot on to what I am going through at the time. They help support and strengthen my spirit and the issues that I am needing help with at the time. I can just call Marisa and say can you make me up drops and she will prepare them for me.
I highly recommend Marisa for healing and to uncover the causes of why you may be feeling stuck. Forensic Healing has helped me move forward on leaps and bounds and feel supported. ”

Maria L

“Marisa is an exceptional healer. She makes you feel safe & comfortable as you embark on your healing experience. I found it gave me peace & a sense of direction for the emotional issue I was facing. The essences were a great tool that helped in my healing as well. Marisa’s beautiful spiritual space was inviting & enabled me to be present.
I am so grateful & will return again & again. ”

Fran D

I had long standing lower back pain and disablement with all treatment being ineffective.
After 3 visits to Marisa I was free of pain and desperation.
Marisa with her God given gift achieved a wonderful result for which I am forever grateful.


I would recommend Marisa to anybody who feels blocked, anxious or emotionally stuck.
Marisa is kind & compassionate and at the same time being very focused on using her skills & abilities in helping people move forward in life.
After the session I felt light, calm & peaceful.
Thank you, Marisa.


Marisa Secco is a talented, caring & compassionate healer. I have had serious health issues including Diabetes, Cellulitis & unfortunately Breast Cancer. Marisa is very thorough in her treatments & has used a combination of different treatments to assist me in combating my various health concerns. Light therapy was especially used in targeting Cellulitis, but Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, & the unblocking of meridians in my body help in my overall health & well-being. Australian Bushflower essences provide ongoing monthly maintenance and its amazing how accurate Marisa is in the diagnosis of how I am feeling emotionally & physically.
Marisa displays a calm demeanour & her expertise, knowledge & holistic approach to natural health have assisted me in maintaining my daily equilibrium.

Rosanna C

I have had issues at my wrists since years and years. I went to see doctors, chiropractors, ostheos, did xrays etc NOTHING worked. I couldn’t even carry a glass of water as i was so sore and couldn’t write anymore.
I went to see Marisa a few times, and since then, i am completely healed!!!! THANK YOU Marisa for your amazing gift
I highly recommend anyone to go see Marisa, worth it more than expensive treatments which doesnt work!
She is amazing and it works!


It was my first experience of healing but Marisa was able to quickly put me at ease with her gentleness and calm. She took the time to analyze all my chakras before starting her healing and I left her office totally refreshed and the price of her consultation is really fair! I advise you to contact her if you need it, you will not be disappointed