Theta Healing

Vianna Stibal, a naturopath from Idaho, USA, created the ThetaHealing®Technique after using the methods to cure herself of bone cancer caused by mercury poisoning her body. Through the years of healing others in the 1990′s she decided to set up classes and teach her methods. Since then, she has written over 8 books, set up the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge®(Think) and continues to expand her classes worldwide in many languages with the help of all her teachers.

In ThetaHealing®, after the initial consultation with the client, the practitioner sits opposite the client and with permission in the Theta state scans the body of the client using her mind as well as using her senses of perception to hear, see or feel anything that may require attention in the client’s body or the auric field.

The practitioner may describe what she senses and may involve the client in dialogue where the continuous negative emotions, thoughts or beliefs may be uncovered using the ”Digging Technique”.

The process involves the practitioner connecting with the “Divine Source” whilst in the theta state and with permission from the client, command the healing to proceed and removing all the negative attachments which has been programmed in the DNA and replacing them with the opposite positive ones on all four levels. The Core Belief Level, The Genetic Level, the Soul Level and resolved in the History Level.

In some instances, we must use “The Creation of Feelings” method to teach people for example what it feels like to be loved or feel love; how to feel empathy or to be more empathetic.

Depending on the nature of the issue or dis-ease and participation of the client, healing may occur instantly or may take several sessions.